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About the program 

Capability-based courses are about how to address gender-based violence.  Courses are live facilitated in small groups with a focus on skills-based learning. These courses are based on the Flourishing Practice model, which is a framework developed collaboratively with GBV service providers across the country to articulate what specialists need to know, think, and be able to do to support and collaborate with survivors, recognize and respond to infant, child and youth experience of violence and intervene to end abusive behaviour.  

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Who is the target audience?  

The program is curated for people who would like to improve their skills for recognizing and responding to GBV. Some courses in this program are foundational and are appropriate for everyone. Others are advanced in nature and appropriate for specialist service providers. Each course has a maximum capacity of 15 participants. 

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How are courses offered?  

Each course has 6 instructional hours. They will begin with theory, teaching, and skills modelling. Participants will then be asked to apply the skills they have learned to situations they may encounter in practice. Participants will come away having gained practical knowledge and skills relevant to their everyday work. We have a combination of online and in-person courses.  

What is the fee for each course?  

Each course has a specific fee associated with it. The fee per course is $50 CAD $200 (Cost is subsidized by CREVAWC for this program). The payment goes to support the live facilitation of the courses and to provide a conducive learning environment for skill development. 

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Will I receive a certificate?  

You will receive a certificate once you complete a course. 

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We value your feedback!  

Through this program, CREVAWC is aiming to support the field by creating avenues for skill development. This program is in its pilot phase. This exciting stage allows us to gather valuable insights to ensure the successful implementation of the program. Please share your feedback/recommendations/contributions here

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